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About Cymru Wing Chun Kuen

Cymru Wing Chun Kuen was established in 2017 by Sifu Simon Moore in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, with the aim of offering authentic, holistic practice in this Chinese martial art, developing mind, body and spirit.

It is provided to students of all abilities who wish explore and receive the benefits of traditional Gung Fu, learning a highly effective, practical form of self defence, as well as addressing the need for mental, physical and spiritual balance in life.

Many consider self defence to be the ultimate goal of Gung Fu or any martial art. Whilst Wing Chun was indeed developed as a fighting art, it stems from the arts of the Shaolin Temple, where the monks were introduced to a physical practice by Bodhidharma in order to counter their long hours of meditation.

Cymru Wing Chun Kuen recognises this through its teaching and development of a complete practice for all students. 


Tuition is non competitive and not graded, valuing a students individual and personal growth in all aspects. To this end differentiated teaching and learning takes place, with a tailored curriculum for each student.

The reasons for this method of teaching are intrinsic in the practice and fulfilment of genuine Gung Fu.

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