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Code of Conduct:


At Cymru Wing Chun Kuen we aim to uphold the values all genuine martial artists and strive to develop the following values in ourself and others at all times through our actions and behaviour.


Humility  -  Respect  -  Trust  -  Righteousness  -  Loyalty  -  Perseverance



Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

In the Rules, ‘CWCK’ refers to  Cymru Wing Chun Kuen. 

‘Member’ refers to a Club Member of Cymru Wing Chun Kuen.

‘Sifu Moore’ refers to Sifu Moore Chief Instructor of Cymru Wing Chun Kuen. ‘Rules’ refer to the terms and conditions of membership to Cymru Wing Chun set out below.

‘Application Form’ refers to the Application form completed by the applicant member to join Cymru Wing Chun Kuen.

‘Introductory Period’ refers to a minimum period of twelve lessons before which an invitation to join is made.

Cymru Wing Chun Kuen is solely owned and managed by Sifu Moore.


2. Acceptance Interpretation and Variation:

  1. Every member of ‘CWCK’ shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions. It is the Member’s responsibility to read the Terms and Conditions before signing the application form. By signing the application form the Member is deemed to have read, understood and agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

  2. These Rules may be revoked, altered or added to from time to time by Sifu Moore, without prior notification to members. Any variations will be posted on the Cymru Wing Chun Kuen website.

  3. The decision to accept any application shall be at the absolute discretion of Sifu Moore. Sifu Moore reserves the right to refuse an application from any applicant.

  4. If an application is accepted by Sifu Moore, the applicants’ membership of CWCK shall commence upon the date of acceptance and payment of fees in accordance with 3.1, 3.2, and clauses 3.4, 3.5. 

  5. Acceptance by Sifu Moore of an application for membership shall constitute a binding and contractual agreement between CWCK and the Member, upon these Terms and Conditions and the Rules and any regulations or bye-laws imposed by CWCK.


3. Membership and Fees:

  1. Members must be at least 16 years of age.

  2. New Members are required to pay a non-refundable initial fee at the time of joining covering membership of CWCK, a Cymru Wing Chun Kuen training T shirt and twelve months insurance (conducted through the BCCMA) at the rate specified.

  3. Members must pay an annual non-refundable membership to CWCK and insurance fee (conducted through the BCCMA) at the price specified at that time.

  4. Failure to pay annual membership and insurance fees may result in termination of membership to CWCK.

  5. Members can not attend or train at CWCK without full Membership and current valid insurance.

  6. Members class lesson payments shall be per lesson in advance. 

  7. Members private lesson payments shall be made in advance. Failure to attend a pre arranged private lesson without communication may result in full charge retrospectively.

  8. Members must provide written notice to CWCK of any change of personal details and full time permanent address. Failure to do so may result in termination of membership.

  9. Any increase in membership fees will be posted on the CWCK website no less than 45 days prior to such increase.

  10. All Membership is non-transferable and nonrefundable.

  11. All members must abide by the CWCK code of conduct. Failure to abide the CWCK Code of Conduct may result in termination of membership to CWCK. Any action to do so, or action in part will be the sole decision of Sifu Moore Chief Instructor of Cymru Wing Chun Kuen.

  12. Members may only wear club attire traveling to, during and from their place of training. Members are not allowed to wear club attire for recreational or any other purposes.

  13. Members must uphold and represent the values of CWCK at all times within their conduct. Sifu Moore reserves the right to terminate Membership of those who misrepresent or conduct themselves inappropriately. Such behaviour may be solely determined by Sifu Moore.


4. Membership Cards/Insurance Certification:

  1. Members will be issued with a membership card upon acceptance. 

  2. Members will be issued with a certificate of Insurance (conducted through the BCCMA)

  3. The Club reserves the right to charge a fee for the replacement of a lost membership card/certificate.


5. Use of Facilities/Venues:

  1. CWCK opening hours are fixed by Sifu Moore and are subject to change. All changes will appear of the CWCK website 24hrs in advance.

  2. It is the Members’ responsibility to ensure that they are capable of undergoing any activity within CWCK. All activities and treatments are taken at the Members’ own risk.

  3. Suitable attire, as determined by CWCK, must be worn at all times while using the CWCK facilities. Members are requested to ensure they wear appropriate clean, non-marking soled footwear within class lessons unless otherwise directed.

  4. Alcohol and or the use of any substances are strictly not permitted in any way, prior to or during any class or private lessons within CWCK. Any member found under the influence of any alcohol and or substances may face immediate termination of their membership.

  5. Smoking is not permitted prior to, during or following training at any CWCK training venue.

  6. Members should comply with written guidelines as and when posted by CWCK regarding the use of CWCK training venues and or facilities.

  7. Members are requested to arrive for class lessons and private lessons in good time.

  8. Sifu Moore may refuse entry, or may ask any Member to leave a class if he feels that their or another’s safety or enjoyment is in jeopardy.

  9. Sifu Moore reserves the right to refuse entry to any CWCK training venue at his absolute discretion.

  10. Members are not permitted to start, conduct or continue personal disputes within any CWCK lessons. Any verbal or physical confrontations or abuse within lessons will not be accepted and members will be subject to suspension and/or possible cancellation of membership with no recourse at the discretion of Sifu Moore.

  11. Any form racist, religious, gender, ageist, sexual, physical abuse or intolerance will not be accepted and may lead to immediate termination of membership to CWCK with no recourse and could lead to criminal prosecution. 

  12. CWCK considers the removal of any property from either CWCK train venues/facilities or that of any personal members artefacts and possessions as theft. Any such acts and/or improper behaviour will be subject to suspension and/or possible cancellation with no recourse and could lead to criminal prosecution.

  13. All members should exercise respect and consideration for other members, local residents and members of the public prior to, during and after training at any CWCK training venue.


6. Data Protection:

It is necessary for the purpose of providing you with membership, advice and support in relation to CWCK to hold certain data concerning your identity, contact details and general health on files. By signing the application form expressly consenting to Cymru Wing Chun Kuen having authority to keep this data for the duration of your membership to CWCK and for up to two years afterwards (or, if membership is refused for any reason, for the period of two years from the date you complete this form) to assist us in providing you with the best possible service. You are also consenting to us passing on your details where necessary from time to time to other departments within Cymru Wing Chun Kuen, Cheltenham Wing Chun Kuen and Midlands Wing Chun Kuen. For the avoidance of doubt, by signing the application form you are not affecting any of your rights under the Data Protection Act 1998.


8. Liability:

  1. Neither CWCK or Sifu Moore will accept liability for any damage or loss to Members’ personal property brought to any train venue of CWCK.

  2. All activities, training and treatments are undertaken entirely at the Members’ own risk.

  3. Neither the CWCK, or Sifu Moore, any servants and or agents shall be liable for personal injury sustained by Members whilst at any CWCK training venue, except in so far as it can be proven that this relates to the wilful act, neglect or default of CWCK or proprietors of any venue or any of their servants or agents. Members who suffer an accident or injury during or at any CWCK training venue must report the accident or injury, and the circumstances in which it occurred, to Sifu Moore or the relevant venue/premises Manager/officer/person responsible immediately following the accident or injury.

  4. Members must warranty and represent that they are in good physical condition and capable of doing exercise; if through injury or other reason, such as pregnancy, this is not the case, they must consult a doctor before engaging in exercise.


9. Cancellation and Suspension of Membership:

  1. Members will be liable full membership and insurance costs in advance for each year. Request for cancellation must be made in writing and addressed to Sifu Moore. No refunds of the joining fee or annual insurance shall be made and any/all other sums due to CWCK shall be paid forthwith in full. CWCK will confirm receipt of any notification to withdraw or cancel membership within 10 days of receiving the letter. If you do not receive confirmation with 10 days, you must let the CWCK know immediately. It is your responsibility to make sure that CWCK has received your notification letter. Only the proof of recorded delivery is accepted as evidence of posting.

  2. In the event of any Member being suspended they are to ensure that the suspension is accepted and acknowledged.

  3. Members may be suspended or expelled from CWCK immediately if they display conduct which is, or is likely to be in the sole opinion of Sifu Moore, injurious to the character of CWCK or the interests of the Members, or if they commit a serious or repeated breach of these Rules. 

  4. Before a member is expelled, Sifu Moore must enquire into their conduct and they must be given full opportunity to defend themselves and to justify their conduct.

  5. An expelled Member forfeits any refund of their joining fee or annual insurance fee and must pay all amounts owed to CWCK forthwith. If suspension or expulsion occurs within the Introductory Period the member shall be required to pay the CWCK any payments due in respect must be paid.

All content correct at time of publishing.

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