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Training with Cymru Wing Chun Kuen


Teaching is by selection and invitation only on a one to one basis. 

All newcomers are welcome and undertake a minimum 8 lesson induction programme where they are introduced the basics of Wing Chun.

Here careful attention is payed to assess a student's physical and mental suitability to training within Cymru Wing Chun Kuen. It is also important that new students have time to make their own assessment of their tuition before accepting or declining the offer to join at the end of this period should it be made.

All students have different reasons and needs, hence Cymru Wing Chun Kuen aims to address the individual in all aspects and develop their training personally. Tuition in the whole Wing Chun system is available, from an introduction to Wing Chun, the development and refinement of any area, progression to a new element, or at times for those who seek a meditative practice, all are welcome.

Beginning anything new, especially a martial art can be daunting. All journeys begin with the first step and Cymru Wing Chun Kuen we recognise the importance of a welcoming, supportive and friendly environment. Learning should be challenging but safe, exciting but not worrying. Whatever your current level of fitness or concerns you may have, do not be afraid to start your training. 

Learning techniques for self defence is relatively simple. Cymru Wing Chun Kuen offers straight forward, intelligent and highly practical aspects of self protection, though not for competition or sport and definitely not for ego. What is offered is authentic Gung Fu, practical, holistic and respectful.

Tuition is non competitive and not graded as was the traditional way, valuing a students individual and personal growth in all aspects. To this end differentiated teaching and learning takes place, with a tailored curriculum for each student. 

It's true that certain 'physical' aspects of any martial art can be gleaned quite quickly. While many systems of martial arts require a considerable time to learn, applicational Wing Chun was designed to be learned in the shortest time possible. Simple, direct and efficient, it eliminates impractical techniques and focuses on realistic self defence rather than consensual fighting or a sporting combat match. It is primarily a close quarters, empty hands combat system that can be used even in confined spaces. With regular, consistent practice you can not only learn and become proficient in self defence in a relatively short period of time but improve your physical health, mental well being. A persons age, gender, size or physicality are not the key factors in developing a Wing Chun practitioner. 


Learning Wing Chun holistically and comprehensively cannot be achieved by a student without the genuine investiture of hard work over time, personal challenge and the application of thought. In that way the full benefits of the system become apparent, rewarding and fulfiling.

In an ever demanding world, the need for a lifestyle which allows us to remain safe, healthy and positive is vital. Wing Chun Gung Fu benefits its practitioners with many of the skills and attributes needed to do so. 

Class lessons may cover the following four elements, though not all in one session and are dependent on an individuals needs and abilities.

The structure of one to one lessons is by arrangement.

  • The Forms                                            

  • Applications                                        

  • Fighting applications                                  

  • Chi Sau

Progress and personal benefit depend not on how long someone has trained but what and how that person has been taught, along with the level of engagement a student brings to their learning. There is no hurry, teaching and learning occur at an individuals pace where real understanding and ownership is gained. Learning deeply is better than learning broadly and receiving high quality teaching and coaching to do so is essential.

As a teacher for many years it remains the fact, that no matter what is taught, it is more about how a student engages in their training in order to make real progress and therein benefit from all that Wing Chun has to offer. A student's trust, openness, engagement, effort, thinking, enjoyment, response and commitment are key factors.

In the West, generally speaking, there is an expectation for practitioners to achieve a rank or status in a relatively short period of time. The classic 'black belt' in three years (with some schools promising it in less). This is in line with the (often) familiar western mindset of consumerism and materialistic values. The craving for immediate results can cause much disappointment to those who are used to short term satisfaction, reflecting much of society today. They often compare themselves to students who have been practicing for years and wonder why they are unable to produce the same results. This frequently leads to students giving up early on, due to either disappointment, frustration, or boredom. It may also be through misunderstanding, poor teaching and a lack of knowledge.

Holistic martial arts take the student on a lifelong journey toward self-improvement of mind, body, and soul. The practitioner is challenged mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The practices is all-encompassing investiture and leaves the student with a profound sense of belief in self.

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