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Cymru Wing Chun Kuen is located in the North Pembrokeshire Coastal National Park in West Wales.


Full classes take place at Moylgrove Old School Hall SA43 3BW.

(When running)

Private lessons take place nearby. There is a purpose built training area which incorporates a permanently housed Muk Yan Jong (Wooden Dummy)

Training also takes place at various nearby locations along the Pembrokeshire Coast.

So often practice occurs purely indoors and the benefits of outdoor training are missed. There is mounting evidence that almost any outdoor activity deceases stress and improves life satisfaction. It is no surprise that Gung Fu and indeed many martial arts have been practiced outside for centuries.

Improvement in both mental and physical health can be attributed to spending time outdoors and by training in a familiar, comfortable surrounding, it is easy to obsess over details which obscure the bigger picture.


Being outside can provide perspective and enhance practice, presenting new challenges through changing conditions and new environments, stimulating our minds and bodies in fresh ways that opens our thinking, feeling and practice.

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